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The Mathematical Theory of Information:
Contact Information

Contact the Author

Jan Kåhre welcomes reviews, comments and questions about his book. You can reach him at the address

jankahre (at) hotmail.com

Note: Anything you send to the above mentioned addresse can be used on these web pages in the Reviews and comments and Questions sections. If you do not want your name and/or email address to appear on these pages, please state so in your emails to the author. Your text may still appear on these pages, but it will not be connected to you by any means if you wish to stay anonymous.

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About the Author

Jan Kåhre comes from Åland, an autonomous group of islands between Finland and Sweden.His childhood home can be seen in "A street view" if you click on the British flag at the home page of the City of Mariehamn, the capital of Åland islands or on the stamp.

His father was the marine historian Georg Kåhre (Last Tall Ships), who also taught Latin and wrote poetry under the pen name Stefan Sylwander, the first book published in 1928.

The name Kåhre means "breeze" and is spelled with a special Swedish letter, an a under a small sun. The name is pronounced as "co-relation" without the "lation". Jan is a common Swedish and Dutch male Christian name.

The author graduated from Helsinki University of Technology; M. Sc. (Diploma Engineer) in Technical Physics. The studies included Nuclear Reactor Engineering, which aroused his interest in automatic control. His first job as an engineer was for Foxboro.

The author is an inventor and entrepreneur, the co-founder and owner of K-Patents Oy, a company making process instruments. He has been involved in the design of the K-Patents Process Refractometer and recently also in optical pH transmitters; see Instrument for Measuring pH with Optical Indicator Film, a dissertation by V. Voipio.

The Mathematical Theory of Information has been written out of pure interest, and in complete freedom from academic affiliations or grants.

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Contact: jankahre (at) hotmail.com